5/6 Anemone's Palace
Mission anemonespalace
It looks like the Ammonite isn't going to welcome the heroes into Anemone's Palace.
Defeat the Ammonite and enter the palace.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

This is really your standard boss-type mission. Just get through the first area, which isn't hard at all, and you'll meet Ammonite, who promptly challenges you to a fight.

His attacks aren't too difficult to dodge, but the key thing to note about him is when he enters his shell, he reflects all attacks on him. If you attack him while withdrawn, you'll take the full amount of damage, so be very wary of attacking him in case he suddenly withdraws. Despite that, he's not a very hard boss, and should go down after a small amount of fighting. Once you've beaten him, the mission is over.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


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