1/1 Carron's farm harvest
Mission carronsfarmharvest
Harvest time is coming! Help Uncle Gotan catch these Carrons before they run away.
Knock out 12 Carrons and talk to Gotan.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

Kill at least 12 Carrons and then talk to Gotan to finish the quest. Carrons will run around occasionally, but they only have twelve HP and they can't deal damage, so this level is incredibly easy. Gotan will give thanks for killing 12 Carrons or, if you killed more, will ask you if you lost count.


Kill all 99 Carrons. After killing 98 Carrons, a big purple Carron will pop up. He only has more HP but doesn't do anything else except run occasionally. Talk to Gotan and he's shocked that you killed so many.

S RankEdit

  • Time: <60 sec
  • Score: >1000 pts


  • Carrot
  • Carrot's leaves
  • Purple carrot (Defeat the purple Carron)
  • Carrot Juice (A+)
  • Light Woods (S)


  • This mission is good for leveling fast when you don't have access to 2/4 yet. Just kill all 99 Carrons and you gain 1 EXP for every Carron, as well as an additional bonus for the last one.
  • Grind this mission until level 8; after that you will get reduced experience.Having a ranged character will help, but a Mole character with turrets makes this mission incredibly easy.

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