Quick guide on how to level. This page is here to start the "Guides" category for now.

LV 1-10 farm at Mission 1/1.Edit

Kill all 99 Carrons (98 Orange Carrons and 1 Purple Carron) for 114 XP.

LV 10-15 (or until 18) farm at Mission 2/4.Edit

Kill all 24 NinjaBugs.

LV 15-19 farm at Mission 3/3.Edit

Activate all 4 Mana Crystals and kill their spawns.

LV 19-21 farm at Mission 4/1.Edit

Kill all monsters along the way.

LV 21-24 (or 21-28) farm at Mission 4/3.Edit

Kill 30 SandBugs.

LV 24-28 farm at Mission 4/6.Edit

Kill all monsters along the way.

LV 28-32 farm at Mission 5/4 (5/2 is faster but much harder)Edit

Kill all monsters along the way.

LV 32-36 (or until 39) farm at Mission 6/2.Edit

Kill all Panther Soldiers. When General Boldas (Big Tiger) appears, kill those running Shades.

LV 36-39 farm at Mission 6/6.Edit

Defeat Reggu (Walrus) and 2 Shades.

LV 39-48 farm at Mission 7/3.Edit

Attacking 3 StingDunes (the sand pillar) and kill their spawns.

They can give you about 3000 XPs per 1 round if you're lucky.

LV 48~53 farm at 8/6

Need Sheeps or at least the Whales. Let the sheep lure Shade4, and running around. Other members in party keep attack Shade3 and Shade 2. Sheeps used Holy Light when only Shade 1. Redraw/quit mission after the shade stop respaw. Becareful, Shade 3 can charm you, don't attack while get charm.

LV 53~65 farm at 9/5

This is most easiest mission in chapter 9. Don't wear any armor or helmet, to resduce Shade copy's Hp to lowest. Use all you strongest skill to wipeout 3 Shade copy. by.themextix1