2/5 Grand Theft Mupo
Mission grandtheftmupo
While traveling, our heroes encountered Gotan and his Mupo in big trouble.
Rescue Gotan and get rid of the WormBug.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

At the start, there is a short cutscene. Gotan is trying to save his Mupo from the big caterpillar and shouts for help. Then it's your turn. There are some NinjaBugs and PinkBugs that will try to kill you. Best is to avoid them, because you'll lose precious time to kill the caterpillar. Just run towards him and attack, attack, attack.

After you killed him, it's not done yet! You now have to fight against him one-on-one. There are now several PinkBugs that always shoot projectiles at you. The WormBug tries to spit something green that slows you down. If you're in it, then better try to get away than attacking it. Best thing is to lure him into a tree at the wall, this makes him get stuck.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: <60 sec
  • Score: >650 pts


  • Carrot Leaf
  • Carrot
  • Simple Glue
  • Better Glue
  • Light Wood
  • Linen Fabric (A)
  • Blue Husk (S)
  • Cotton Fabric (S)


  • In the first phase, you can use skills that hold the caterpillar for a moment. This can save you some precious time.
  • In the second phase, don't try to kill the PinkBugs. They respawn immediately!

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