2/4 Highway Robbery
Mission highwayrobbery
Ninja bugs are waiting to rob unfortunate travelers. Don't go alone!
Get rid of all 24 NinjaBugs.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

There are four waves of six NinjaBugs. You're enclosed in a small space which means you can get attacked easily. You can take every NinjaBug one by one or, if your character is tanky, just kill all at once. This mission is best in groups of four.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: <60 sec
  • Score: N/A


  • HP Potion 2
  • Zinc Powder
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut
  • Green Husk
  • Pebble
  • Green Pea
  • Ninja Star
  • Nest Bark (A+)
  • Copper Powder (A+)
  • Iron Powder (S)


  • This mission is great for leveling fast.
  • Mole's Turret and Penguin's Mana Vortex all the way.
  • Train here till you reach lv.16 or higher.

Start of a Long Journey Highway Robbery Crossing Plain Lagoon