3/5 Italus' Acceptance
Mission italusacceptance
Heroes meet Italus on the way to the Fire God's cave. Can they pass his test?
Survive Italus' test for 3 minutes.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

Run to the second area, taking care of any enemies in your way. Once you get there, talk with Italus the eagle by walking up to him. After talking to him, he'll attack you. To win, survive his attacks for 3 minutes.


Survive the 3 minutes without letting any snowmen die to get a Bronze Medal.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


  • Speed Boost 1
  • HP Potion 3
  • Bronze Medal (Bonus)


  • Italus's attacks:
    • Continuous Shoot: His main attack, with which he shoots at you with many bullets. This shot is pretty wide, even if you think you can run away, you'll still likely get hit by it.
    • Jump back and Shoot: His second attack, it a quick attack, but if you have good reflexes you can dodge it.
    • Charge Mass Shoot: A stronger version of his Main attack. It will instant kill your character.
    • Bullet Rain: This is his strongest attack. He only uses it in Advance Mode and after he loses half of his HP.
  • For solo:
    • Penguin Frost Sage is best choice here. Or at least a Penguin with Ice Shield.
    • Trickster with Mass Shoot and Perfect Blend is second best.
  • Trade your RP to Speed boots potion or HP boots.
  • Penguin: Do not use Mana Vortex. It will destroy the Snowmen.

Samurai Fort Italus' Acceptance Fire Cave Entrance