1/2 Mupo Round Up
Mission muporoundup
Xinfu, the Mupo farm owner, needs help on rounding up his Mupos. (But don't whip them too hard...)
Herd all six Mupos into the corral without killing one.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

There are six Mupos out grazing on the field. Go to a Mupo and best place yourself that you can see the corral, and the Mupo is between you ad the corral entrance. Now attack the Mupo and he will start running. You can even control him - go left and he goes right and vise versa. Be careful that you don't attack them too much, because when their HP drops to 0 the Mupo is dead and you failed the mission.


No known bonus goal.

S RankEdit

  • Time: <90 sec
  • Score: ?


  • Milk (A+)
  • Sugar


  • This mission should be best done with at least two people because Mupos tend to leave the corral.
  • If there are two or more people, then one person should watch out that no Mupo escapes the corral as the others try to herd them in.
  • Always keep the Mupo between you and the corral entrance, or the mission gets way harder.
  • If a Mupo goes behind the corral you'll have to go in the corral to scare it out, which makes the mission way harder. If this happens, it is often a better idea to restart the whole mission.

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