4.45 (Loosely translated)

Bug Fixes

  • Skills should now stop adjusting conditions till a place or person is specified. (?)
  • RP will be deducted by 5% every week when higher than 40'000.
  • Fixed a crash with a pet drop Penguin.
  • Halloween Face has been taken away from the RP Shop merchant.



  • Adjusted the DMG of White Burst
    • Maximum radius is now 6m.
    • Area DMG now does 40% dmg


  • Adjusted Skill Longshot to be 5m far instead of 4m.
  • Modified Dead Shot which made more severe damage than normal. Charging now takes more time.


  • Fixed bug while riding PVP Mupo, when you press the attack button the mole puts a bomb that destroys on itself and does this continously.
  • Increased speed of tank bullets
  • Tank's charging attack should now immedately work after letting go of the button.


  • When a scene is running, cooldown should stop and HP, MP, SP should not recover anymore.


  • Changed price and strength of the following to match their classes. Full list available here