4.46 - 16.12.11 (Loosely translated)


  • Changed SnowGuild with new X'mas decorations and new X'mas song.
  • Added more X'mas decorations for the third section and added a new X'mas song.
  • Boldas, Mimi, Reindeer have new fitting festive costumes!
  • Changed speech of Boldas to say something fitting (Thai only)
  • Red Nose Trinket can be bought from Xinfu for 200 Jill
  • Added new New Year Box which can be bought from Xinfu for 300 Jill or can be forged at Pedo
    You can't open it for yourself, you have to exchange it with someone else.
  • Added a special prize pack and Santa Hat only obtained by New Year Box.
  • Added a new event. Finish the invasion of the bugs and pine trees to get all kinds of things to exchange for New Year Box. They can be exchanged by NPC Skunk.
  • Added tool to allow wearing Santa Hat and and Santa clothes. Can be found in New Year Box.
  • Added Red Nose (Trinket) which can be found in the New Year Box or bought from NPC Xinfu for 200 Jill
  • Added new possibility to forge items at NPC Pedo to get a box.
  • Added Chapter 10 mission (Steel Army Invasion) to be the first of three missions Lavu Attack, Army Training, Carrier Site
  • Added a new robot boss Carrier Bot
  • Added two new material drops

Changes & Bug Fix

  • ทำการล้างไอเทมบัคการเจาะSlot ลงอุปกรณ์ประเภท Pet, Trinket และ รองเท้า (???)
  • Fixed Royal Beast that made the Chameleon not show red or black color properly.
  • LuckyBox has been added back and should work as intended.
  • Fixed Pet MokBug to be correctly shown.
  • Pet IcePenguin should function normally now.
  • RP maximum increased to 299,999

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