4.47 - 28.12.11 (Loosely translated)


  • Added Mission 10/4 - Guild Under Attack
  • Changed the login screen with a new picture.
  • The city is set at night with festive lights for New Year's Eve.
  • Light my fire all the palace. And God blessed them for special applications, animal tails to talk to you. (?)
  • Added a new tool: "Ice Mixer". Can be used for 5 Jill.
  • Added new materials: Ice Shard, Ice Block, Canvas (left to right).
    Ice shardIce blockCanvas 1Canvas 2
  • Added new accessories: Earmuff (Can only be obtained from the Mixer).
    Earmuff bEarmuff p
  • Added new pet: Small Ice Maker (for the NPC to fill only four of the ice).
    Small ice maker
  • Added new food: Special Penguin Sundae, Baked Fish Snack, Fried Fish Snack.
    Special Penguin SundaeBaked Fish SnackFried Fish Snack
  • Added a new item type to use: Ice Bomb, Ice Salve, NewYear Firework.
    Ice bombIce salveNewyear firework
  • New Year's fireworks are sold at NPC Xinfu for 20 Jill.
  • Added new trinkets Santa Bag and Deer Horn at NPC Xinfu for 350 Jill.
    Santa bagDeer horn

Changes & Bug Fixed

  • Reduced RP Reward 9/5 to 5RP.
  • Increased deconstruction effect time of the robot when it dies.
  • Added a new recipe at NPC Jamon: Baked Fish Snack with Fried Fish Snack.
    Recipe baked fish snack (Baked Fish Snack)
    Recipe fried fish snack (Fried Fish Snack)
  • Added a new formula at NPC Pedo for fireworks for New Year's Eve.
    Recipe newyear firework
  • Increases seen as a vehicle to do the Pet MokBug round KO Pet. (?)
  • Descriptions and objectives up to Chapter 3 have been translated to English.
  • Fixed a party hat looks perfect for birds to come back to normal position. (?)
  • Fixed a series of rabbits, cats, dogs and lizards Santa disguises to display correctly.
  • Fixed bug with Steel Chaos that made the third team get beat and not turned back to normal.
  • Fixed bug with gaining access to all Level 2 Skills too late.