Hero penguin

The tiny mage of 12 Tails. The Penguin is a specialist in magic that affects targets in a wide area. He is able to gather MP to himself or his teammates. He is an excellent backline nuker that deals damage in AoE spells.

The Learned Stargazer. He is a scholar who has devoted himself to the studies of Mana and Astronomy. If one is in need of being able to call upon the powers of the stars, then they can always count on the Astral Sage to get the job done.
Astral Sage Frost Mage
The Magician of the Tundra. This cold mage is able to bring chills to the enemy with just the gust of changing wind. The Frost Mage is easily able to stop any enemy in their tracks with his powerful ice-based attacks. He is most effective in small confrontations.

Stat BuildsEdit

Attack: Attack may assist your the amount your charge skill recovers your MP, but it's not really worth it to put points in.

Defense: The only good thing about defense is to avoid KO but penquin has Ice Shield to preventing him from KO.

Agility: While increasing running speed and spell cooldown sounds useful for a Penguin, the cooldown of most of his skills is short enough. Furthermore, you can't spam them non-stop anyway because you will run out of MP and have to rest to charge. As for running speed, you don't need to run that much because you have skills that will slow the enemy down or to disable the enemy and also you can blink.

Vitality: You need some HP to survive. You may want to rely on Ice Shield but unfortunately it can't block every incoming attack and can be dispelled, so putting some points on Vitality would be very useful.

Inteligence: Helps to increase your max MP and casting speed which is very important for a Penguin. If your cast time is too slow, you'll be easy prey. Put lots of points here.

Charisma: Useful for Frost Mage. Charisma helps to improve the duration of many skills like Tornado, Blizzard, Snowman, and Arctic Emperor.

Talent: Helps to improve the damage of all skills and also your minimum SP, a must have for Astral Sage because without high minimum SP, you can't use a huge skill like Meteora.

Luck: Pretty much useless. Don't put any point unless you want to try something new.

Possible BuildsEdit

Astral Sage : Tal Int Vit ; Tal Int

Frost Mage : Int Tal ; Int Cha; Int Cha Vit; Int Tal Vit ; Int Cha Tal Vit


Skill MapEdit

File:PenguinSkill Map.jpg


State Lv


Enable second, third strike of Penguin's normal attack.

Passive 2
Penguin cAttack1

Mp Charge

Charge to restore MP from the air, calculate from 3%, 6%, 9% and 12% of Atk point. (3-6, 6-12, 9-18 and 12-24 mp/sec)

Passive 4


Increase 10 Int to Penguin per level.

Passive 4


Enable Penguin to cast two spells at the same time.

Active 1

TripleCast (developed from DoubleCast )

Enable Penguin to cast three spells at the same time.

Active 1

Stat Plus

Increase all stats by 2 points per level.

Passive 4
Unknown Skill

Final Move


Active 2
Support Skill
State Levels

Astral Shift

Gain power from Penguin to recover loss mp and increase your Tal for 12 sec (mp recover by lv. of hero x 3, tal increase by lv. of hero x 1)

Active 1

A TreeEdit

Skill Clip 2
Astral Sage Skills
State Lv

Mana Missile

Creates missiles of energy that rain down on all nearby targets. (15x2,18x3,21x4,24x5 dmg)

Active 4

Mana Arc

Creates a circle around the Penguin that damages all enemies who enter it. (10,20,30,40 dmg)

Active 4


Removes all magical buffs and debuffs that are lower than a certain level from the Penguin and all nearby allies. (Lvl. 3,5)

Active 2


Teleport forward in the blink of an eye. (5,8m)

Active 2

MP Transfer

Transfer the spell cost plus an extra 10% of the Penguin's Max MP to an ally. (30,60 MP)

Active 2

Mana Burn

Decreases the target's MP by a certain percentage, and deals damage equal to the percentage of the difference between the target's current MP and max MP. (25,45%)

Active 2

Falling Stars

Stars rain down on all enemies in a certain radius of the Penguin, dealing high damage. (12,16m, 30,40 dmg)

Active 2

Falling Comets

Comets rain down randomly around a target, dealing damage. (30x5 dmg, 45x7dmg)

Active 2

Mana Vortex

Creates a long, thin tornado that damages and drains MP from all enemies that enter its range. (24,32,48 dmg/2sec, 4,6,8 MP/2sec)

Active 3

Nova Flare

Make Mana Vortex Return current MP store when disapper.On use destroy Mana Vortex and deal damage depent on Mana Vortex's HP and MP to all nearby enemy.

Active 3

Astral Talent

Increases Penguin's talent by 10 per level.

Passive 4


Summons a giant meteor to fall and hit all enemies for massive damage(350,500 dmg).

Active 2

B TreeEdit

Skill Clip 2
Frost Mage Skills
Frozen Blast

Frozen Blast: Active.

An ice spell that hits an area around the target and slows down enemies for a short period of time. does more damage closer to the center. area of effect increases with level.

  • Frozen Blast 1: 30 dmg, 2 sec. uses 12 mp
  • Frozen Blast 2: 42 dmg, 2 sec. uses 16 mp
  • Frozen Blast 3: 54 dmg, 2 sec. uses 20 mp
  • Frozen Blast 4: 66 dmg, 2 sec, uses 24 mp
Arctic WindArctic Frost

Arctic Wind: Active.

Creates a strong tornado of arctic wind in front of the penguin, damaging all enemies inside it and slowing them down a bit. is larger at higher levels.

Arctic Frost: Passive.

  • Arctic Wind 1: 15x3 dmg. uses 20 mp
  • Arctic Wind 2: 25x3 dmg, uses 26 mp
  • Arctic Wind 3: 35x3 dmg, uses 32 mp
  • Arctic Frost: Gives Arctic Wind a 20% chance to cause Frost, snaring the target
Ice Shield

Ice Shield: Active.

Shields the target, absorb damage and ko for 30 sec

  • Ice Shield 1: 30 hp. uses 15 mp
  • Ice Shield 2: 45 hp. uses 23 mp
  • Ice Shield 3: 60 hp. uses 31 mp
  • Ice Shield 4: 75 hp. uses 39 mp
Ice BlockSnowman

Ice Block: Active.

Creates blocks of ice in front of the penguin, causing adjacent targets to move slower

Snowman: Active.

Transforms the target into a snowman.

  • Ice Block 1: 3 blocks, 8m range. uses 10 mp
  • Snowman 1: 6 sec. uses 20 mp
  • Ice Block 2: 5 blocks, 12m range, uses 15 mp
  • Snowman 2: 10 sec. uses 27 mp

Tornado: Active.

creates a tornado controlled by the penguin, is larger at higher levels.

Typhoon: Passive.

  • Tornado 1: 30 dps, 6 sec. uses 36 mp
  • Tornado 2: 60 dps, 6 sec. uses 48 mp
  • Tornado 3: 90 dps, 6 sec, uses 60 mp
  • Typhoon: Make Tornado auto move to target if choose target before casting
Frost Bite

Frost Bite: Passive.

Penguins normal attacks slow enemies and have a chance of causing frost, stopping the target in place.

  • Frost Bite 1: inflicts 'ice 1' and 4% chance of frost for 2 sec
  • Frost Bite 2: inflicts 'ice 2' and 8% chance of frost for 2 sec
  • Frost Bite 3: inflicts 'ice (3)?' and (12%)? chance of frost for 2 sec
  • Frost Bite 4: inflicts 'ice (4)?' and (16%)? chance of frost for 2 sec
Absolute ZeroBlizzard

Absolute Zero: Active.

An ice spell that deals damage and inflicts 'ice 2' for 12 sec on a target.

Blizzard: Active.

hits enemy in an area around a targeted unit.

  • Absolute Zero 1: 95 dmg, 10 ko. uses 35 mp. must have 30 sp to use.
  • Absolute Zero 2: 135 dmg, 20 ko, uses 50 mp, must have 40 sp to use.
  • Blizzard 1: 40 dps,. uses 65 mp.
  • Blizzard 2: ???
Arctic Emperor

Arctic Emperor: Active.

Create a gaint frost area that frost all enemy and deal damage on explode.

  • Arctic Emperor 1: 120 dmg. uses 25 sp and 60 mp.
  • Arctic Emperor 2: ???

C Tree Edit

Cosmic Friday Skills
State Lv
======= Basic Tree Additions

Spread Shot

Gives Penguin's normal attack a 40% chance to fire three missiles instead of one.

Passive 55

Mana Field

Increases mp return from charging equal to Penguin's level. Also enables it to affect allies around him.

Passive 60

Focus Intellect

Greatly increases damage from Penguin's next spell by a percentage equal to Penguin's INT.

Active 70
Double Spell

Double Spell

Gives Penguin a 12% chance to perform a double cast on any spells.

Super Stat Plus

Super Stat Plus

Increases all stats by 10.

======= A Tree Additions

More Missile

Increases the number of ManaMissile by 2 and adds 6 damage to all of them.

Passive 55

Penguin of Arc

Increases the damage of ManaArc by Penguin's current level.

Passive 60

Parallel Shift

Instantly warp Penguin and nearby allies forward, removing all lv.5 lock status. Also increases level of dispell by 1.

Passive 70
Mana Surge

Mana Surge

Adds 10% of Penguin's MP to Mana Burn's damage.

Giant Star

Giant Star

Doubles Falling Star's and Falling Comet's range, and increases their damage output by 50%.

======= B Tree Additions

Frozen Break

Increases the radius of frozenBlast by 2m. and makes it deal special damage to any target with ice status.

Passive 55

Deadly Frost

Doubles the range of ArcticWind and makes it deal special damge to any target with frost status.

Active 60

Frost Spike

Adds Penguin's current level to IceShield's hp, also gives it a chance to passively unlease a freezing wind when hit.

Passive 70
Snow Ball

Snow Ball

Transform a snowman into a snowball that deals special damage to the target inside when it breaks.

Ice Twister

Ice Twister

Increases Tornado's movement speed and gives it a 9% chance to inflict frost status.

======= Unique Skills
Revised Skill Revised Skill

Reduces Sp cost of skills by 50%

Passive 55
Revised Magic Revised Magic

Reduces Mp cost of skills by 20%

Passive 60
Revised Art Revised Art

Reduces cooldown by 12%

Passive 70
Cosmic Rift

Cosmic Rift

Warp Penguin to another dimension, preventing all damage dealt from him or to him.

Cosmic Friday

Cosmic Friday

Channel all allies in the area into another dimension, preventing all damage dealt from them or to them.


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