Hello everyone, firstival i would like to say that my english is not evry good but i would like to share my experience of playing my little bunny here, so my apology if there r any misunderstandings.

Rabbit in this game has 3 route to play (Sharp shooter, Alchemist doctor and Merchant) but it can be divided into 2 major classes extracted from the first basic route(sharp shooter), Alchemist doctor( A route) and Merchant (B route). Alchemist doctor is kinda supporting and mechant is for those who like money n guns ^^( actually merchant class is like a developed sharp shooter becuz it has all the upgraded shooting skills), but however its skills can be matched and cross-skills-upgrading.

There is also a Hybrid rabbit that has both useful alchemist and merchant skills which can be combined in combo, i would call it a SupperRabbit route ^^. This route will have both ultimate skills of alchemist and merchant that can create a powerful combo, in order to obtain this, u rnt allow to have any of the basic skills.


Rout A (Alchemist Doctor) : there are 3 main ways of stats

Int-Vit - for those who want to use ur skills more often and stay longer in the battle because ur Int is high, which mean ur MP is high and ur Vit is high; ur HP is high too.

Int-Agi - High MP, high running speed, by having more Agi, ur running speed increases, and it also fasten ur cool down after using skills, so u can use ur skills more often.

Int-Cha - High MP, and make ur debuff last longer to others while make other debuff that u get last shorter (1 cha will make ur debuff to others last longer for 2%, while others' debuffs that u get will last shorter for 2%), can combo effectively with the ultimate skill of alchemist doctor route.