6/3 Shade in the City
Mission shadeinthecity
A dark shadow has covered Light City. Will the townspeople be alright?
Rescue all 10 townspeople.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

There are ten people who need to be rescued, so get to it. Since there are lots of Shades running around, you're on a bit of a time limit. The mission is composed of two maps, and there are 5 people per map.

In the first map, look to the left of the fountain to find Abette, and then down the left road to find Stein. In the auction house, go behind the busted grate to find a Lemur, then up the stairs nearby to find Nico. Yves is in his shop. Once you've gotten them all, head to the next area.

In the second area, ignore Jamon as he doesn't want to be rescued. Instead, head into the building straight ahead to find a raccoon in one of the corners, followed by another one outside on the other side near a pillar. Head towards the park to find Fah, then into the army building to find a third Raccoon. Lastly, talk to Akola near the Library.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


  • HP Potion 3
  • HP Potion 2
  • MP Potion 2
  • SP Potion 2


  • Bring a character who can heal, as it makes the time limit of your draining HP a lot less of a threat. As a matter of fact, it almost becomes non-existent.
  • If you don't have a character who can heal, use a high HP character otherwise.
  • The Shade2s in the second area can curse you if they hit you. You'll lose 10 vitality, meaning your max HP decreases by 100 temporarily. With your HP constantly dropping, this is devastating. Try to avoid getting hit by them.
  • Whale who grows too big sometime can get themself a little problem(s), If you're Whale with Super Size Lv.4 , you can't enter Yves's shop because your body is too big to enter the door. So make sure you have some friend to help you out.

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