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12 Tails, like many other RPGs, has many status conditions that can be inflicted upon characters. A character can be frozen, blessed, or any number of good or bad states. This guide will cover the basics of what each status condition will do, how to inflict them, and how to deal with them.

Basic Stat ModificationsEdit

The most basic status changes are stat modifying statuses, such as Valor and Weakness, which will increase and decrease your ATK, respectively. More info here!


Increase normal attack and charge damage, also increase basic fighting skill damage.

The status conditions for ATK are Valor and Weakness.


Reduce overall incoming damage, also increase a charactor max KO.

Def 32/64/128/256/512 reduce damage 20/33/50/67/80%

The status conditions for DEF are Harden and Soften.


Increase movement speed, and reduce cooldown of all skill (doesn't increase normal attack speed).

Agi 128/256/512 reduce cooldown 100/200/400%

5 Agi = 0.1 spd (movement speed).

The status conditions for AGI are Quicken and Sluggishness.


Increase max life force.

1 Vit = 10 Max Hp.

The status conditions for VIT are Health and Disease.


Increase max mp, mp regeneration rate and reduce cast time.

1 Int = 3 Max Mp.

The status conditions for INT are Wisdom and Stupefy.


Reduce debuff duration on yourself and increase buff duration when used on other.

The status conditions for CHA are Honor and Shame.


Increase skill power for 2%, also increase minSP.

mSP = 10+ (Tal/5). /fushigidane

The status conditions for TAL are Gifted and Imbecile.


Increses Crit Rate. Randomly increase every status. Increase % of successfully using a skill.

The status conditions for LCK are Fortune and Trouble.

Other Status ChangesEdit

12 Tails also has a number of statuses that don't alter your stats, but instead change a different value of your character, such as their size or their weight.

Running SpeedEdit

The status conditions for running speed are Haste and Slow.


The status conditions for weight are Heavy and Feather. (Are these backwards?)


The status conditions for size are Growth and Reduce.