5000 years ago, the earth was struck with a catastrophic disaster. All the lives on the planet was destroyed. As time goes by the nature slowly recovered. The magic wave spawned everywhere with the birth of many gods in the world.

The power from the God of Light unexpectedly made a squirrel became an intelligent being. The god of light then gave the Staff of Intelligence to the little squirrel and gave it the name First Tail. When First Tail learned about the disaster in the past, he decided to travel the world to tell about what happened in the past and taught everyone to live with peace. Although, First Tail had to confront with obstructions and dangers, he never gave up and continued the journey.

Several decades passed. First Tail brought all of his fellow to see the God of Light. Together they built the animal civilization on the earth. The story of the lengthy journey and the sacrifice of First Tail has become the legend until this day.