5/1 Through the Swamp
Mission throughtheswamp
To reach the shore, the heroes must pass through the poisonous swamp filled with slugs.
Reach the beach.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

The mission is simply to just get through all the sections of the map. Be wary of the slug enemies, as they turn themselves invisible, preventing you from targeting them. You'll really either have to ignore them or attack where you think they are. Thankfully, the thin cursor will still appear if your mouse is hovering over them, so you can get a decent idea of where they are. Once you get through the last area of the map, you'll finish the mission.


Defeat all the FudaBugs in the first map, then the two WormBugs that appear once they're all dead.

S RankEdit

  • Time: < 150 sec
  • Score: > 1200


Clear Crystal (S rank)


  • Much like with the cursor appearing over invisible slugs, the Rabbit's charge attack also indicates where slugs are, as the cursor will still show you their distance.

Wind Valley 2 Through the Swamp To The Beach!