5/2 To The Beach!
Mission tothebeach
Reggu comes to aid the heroes by making a charm to help them breath underwater. However, in order to make it, he'll need special shells on the beach.
Collect 10 shells and bring them back to Reggu.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

This mission is pretty much exactly like 4/4, only this time you're collecting 10 shells on a beach. Small, aquatic Vizies are everywhere, and they're very good at hurting you, so take them out as quickly as you can.


Kill all the Vizies, then the 2 Emperor Vizies when they appear.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


Fill this out later.


  • If you're barely scraping by on levels, be wary of killing too many Vizies. If too many die, it'll summon Emperor Vizies, which'll easily kill you. Think like the Shogun Bug from Samurai Fort, only you have nothing to hide behind to stop his attacks.

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