I noticed that the only admin RareSumo is inactive since 10. July and that means that there is no admin working on the wiki right now. The problem would be, that when there are pages which should be later locked (like Front Page or anything else inportant) or people try to vandalize pages or add senseless pages, there will be no way to fix this.

My goal would be, to make the wiki more active and do some must needed changes (like the wiki layout) and maybe in future stop potientally harmful things. That's why I'd like to adopt this Wiki and become an admin. However, before I would get the admin rights I want to ask the active contributers if they're all right with this, which are RamuneDrink and Riodaisho.

Hopefully you would agree that I could get the admin rights and we could make this wiki more lively again like it was at the beginning.

Thank you for reading this post ^^

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