5/4 Water Temple
Mission watertemple
To meet the Water God, the heroes need to pass through a temple occupied by Vizies.
Pass through the temple to reach the destination.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

The mission, at its core, is simply a linear mission where you need to get to the end. However, there are two blocked pathways that require you to kill certain enemies to get through.

The first is near the beginning, when you first enter the water temple. In each of the four rooms, there is a King Vizie that needs to be killed. Once they're all dead, then the path to go deeper into the temple gets unlocked. There are other, regular Vizies in this area too, so take them out as well.

After that, you'll have to get through a long hallway containing two Giant Vizies, each fought separately. At the end, there are 3 more Giant Vizies in a room that you need to kill. Once those three are dead, the last gate opens, and you can end the mission there.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


  • Blue Armor Piece
  • HP Potion 2
  • MP Potion 2


  • Grind on this mission until you reach level 32.
  • Moles and Wolves can attack through walls, the former with turrets and the latter with their charge attack. Take advantage of this if you want to take out the Giant Vizies, especially the last three, safely. Or you can use Penguin's Mana Vortex.
  • There are some hidden item in this mission, you can find them with Cat's Treasure Hunt and Awareness. There are 4 hidden item in a part with 4 rooms and 1 at the opposite way of the slope way down (where the second Gaint Vizie stand.)
  • There is a bug in this mission, if you play mole you can dig through all the way to the end. When the mission start, walk right, you will hit the wall and a lot of rock. Use Dig (charge attack) to squeeze into the small part. When you stop digging, you will stand between the wall and the rocks. Walk foward to the wall you will fall out off the map. Keep use Dig until you reach the end line. Very good when you need a lot Blue Armor Pieces for forge weapon and armor. (There is a clip on youtube: type "12TailsOnline BUG 5/4 The Mole" on searchbar)

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