4/5 Wind Valley 1
Mission windvalley1
With gratitude, or perhaps simply done with the heroes, Yves brings them to the entrance of Wind Valley. The Wind God must live somewhere inside...
Reach the entrance, but beware of the bugs that protect it.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

The mission is split up into two parts, and is incredibly difficult.

In the first area, you've just got to reach the end, although this is harder said than done. The powerful wind currents constantly blow you back, as well as Cactons that can run into you and knock you back even farther. Add in Cactuns, both those that punch you and will jump up from beneath the sand, and you've got a very annoying task. At the end of this area, there's a row of Cactuns ready to knock you back, but after them, it's easy to move on.

The second area requires you to fight two LeoBugs, both of which are very powerful, and will either try to claw you, or roar at you for damage. Take caution as you fight them, and they should go down. Once they're dead, the mission is done.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


Fill out later.


  • For the LeoBugs, it's possible to trap them behind a set of vines or mushrooms, allowing long range characters like a Rabbit or Chameleon to take them out easily.
  • In the first area, beware the flowers that are on the ground. These are Cactuns hiding in the ground and will leap out at you if you step on or near them.
  • This mission is incredibly difficult alone with a slow character. It is highly recommended that you only play it with your fastest character, or get a friend to help you through it. Otherwise, this mission is nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating.
  • There is a small bug in this mission. If you play Mole, when the mission begin, walk to the left area (don't go to the valley) and run into the mountain wall. Your character will go through the wall, but it will stuck. Use Dig (charge attack) and turn camera to low view (press insert), your Moe will dug through the mountain and go to bug zone. Now you can walk through the area but no worry about the wind and cactis. When you reach the change area line just walk out of the mountain wall and it will warp you to second area. It work with Bison too. (You can copy: 12TailsOnline : "วิธีผ่านด่าน 4/5 ของไบสัน" and watch the first mission to know the place)

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