4/6 Wind Valley 2
Mission windvalley2
With the complicated valley and the fierce bugs blocking your way, finding the Wind God won't be an easy task.
Reach the Wind God's garden.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

This mission is another one of those highly linear missions where all you have to do is reach the end. There's a lot of LeoBugs in the way, although these ones are smaller and not as difficult to deal with as the ones from the previous mission.

Halfway through the mission, you'll encounter 3 Worm Bugs, which are much simpler to take down at your higher level. Once you get past them, the worst is over with, and it should be a relatively calm stroll to the end.


No known bonus condition.

S RankEdit

  • Time: ?
  • Score: ?


  • MP Potion 2
  • MP Potion 3
  • MP Boost 1
  • Lion Flower
  • Better Glue
  • Bug Crest
  • Clear Wings
  • Copper Powder (B+)


  • The LeoBugs have an incredibly low KO threshold, so characters who can inflict high KO, like a Bison or a Rabbit (her charge attack), are very useful for this mission, as they'll constantly knock them down.
  • For the WormBugs, it's possible to lure and trap all three on one side of the pair of massive pincers you'll see in the area they inhabit. They're too big to fit through them, so if you can trap them all on one side, you'll have a very easy time taking them down, especially with a ranged character.

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